the deluge

Mother of all things good and holy, I’m pretty sure we’re about to have a flood. I wish I could place a photo up to capture the absurdity of all the water falling from the sky, but has seen fit to stall the beginning of my photographic hobby. (Let’s start with that last point).

Over a month ago I ordered a lens for my new Canon SLR from Amazon, and it said it was backordered and would be shipped in two to four weeks. So I set myself up for a long wait. On May 21st, they made me happy and said it shipped. And then it took 10 days to get from the shipping facility to NV to a holding facility in Wisconsin. What the heck my lens was doing in WI and not with me in the district was a little too much to handle. But they had two more days till they passed the estimated delivery date, so I was confident. Obviously I was gullible too. June 2nd came and went, and my lens was still in WI and Amazon has magically moved the estimated shipping date to June 5th, when that happened I can’t even tell you. So this morning, I was thrilled (read: gullible again) and got to the office excited for my lens to come. I checked the tracking number and lo and behold, my lens is in West Virginia. Seriously.

New estimated delivery date = June 10th. Number of Heated Correspondences to Amazon = Two.

Now to more important things: The Weather.

Wednesday was hot, sticky, humid and in a TMI moment, I’m pretty sure I had forgotten the first rule of summer…jeans and humidity do not make an attractive couple. It was hot in the office, me and a co-worker bemoaned how warm the office got when the air switched off for all of 10 mins. I will never speak ill of the weather again, cause now it’s laughing at me.

Wednesday night, the rain started. By 10:00pm, it was raining inside my apartment.

By Thursday morning, it was no longer raining in my apartment but it was also no longer hot. It also wasn’t even warm. The temperature had dropped about 20 degrees and my soul was morning the loss of some warmth, but the rest of me was thrilled that my apartment wasn’t oppressively humid anymore. Thursday night found it raining indoors again, around 11:00pm this time, but apparently I wasn’t the only one with this complaint because when I woke up, I was treated to this small gem on DCist:

It’s not bound to be a particularly good day when words like “soaking,” “relentless rain,” “flooding” and “monsoon of Biblical proportions that will drown all but our souls” makes it into every weather forecast. OK, so maybe that last one was made up, but it’s what I’m feeling right now after waking up to water coming through the ceiling into my room. Awesome. At least there’s no mold. Oh wait, there is. Awesome. Thankfully that one prized framed picture of mine isn’t wet. Oh hey, it is. AWESOME. Is it too early for coffee and a drink?

Water indoors. It’s not only me, hmmmm…maybe I’m not special and we all just live in horrifically-constructed apartment buildings. Well who knows. It’s supposed to rain till about 10:00pm tonight, and then it needs to be done tomorrow because I need to spend a little time under the hood of my car and that so isn’t happening if it’s raining.**

**To be clear car maintenance is so not my thing. I really just need to find and purchase Volkswagon specific coolant (which means a trip to the dealer) and refill my coolant tank (is that what it’s called?). I also need windshield wiper fluid, but we’re going to let dad handle that next week. :)

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