waterworks. + life

Anyone that knows me even a little bit could probably tell you I’m a crier, but it should be noted that I really only cry over absurd things that aren’t actually real, i.e. books, movies and t.v. shows.

2001-02 Season of the West Wing. Tramatic Ending. Romance stopped. Person Dead. On Screen Tears. Me = Bawling. (My mother was concerned someone had died in real life…I think my response went something like, “But, but *big gasp* he loved her, and she’s been alone, and he loved her and there were flowers and he loved her, *insert another gasping crying jag.”) Yeah I apparently got really into the third season of the West Wing.

Chick Lit books. Oh yeah that is a humiliating one to admit to. I get into characters, and in chick lit there is always that character that finds out she has cancer. I mean like there is always an illness. I blame the fact that chick lit is fluffy and authors still want to write for women but pretend they have substance. Thank you but no thanks. Moving on.


My camera lens finally showed up. I’m amazed and a tad astounded and I may have taken a picture of my dinner in the skillet last night. That last statement would be cooler if I had made dinner and not just thrown frozen Trader Joe’s chicken potstickers in a pan; I swear I’d probably starve without Trader Joe’s.


I was a Government major in college. I read a lot about cultures and how they handled their government, actually I take that back I don’t remember much of what I had to read except I read a lot about Israel and women. And thus, I was a double minor in History (focusing mainly on women and societal representation and demands) and Jewish Civilizations (also focusing on women and such). But it pretty much means my life was set up to work at the Holocaust Museum.

That being said, and also being a bad segue, today an 88-year-old white supremacist walked into the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum and started shooting, hitting a guard and possibly one other person. This being after someone walked into a church on a Sunday and killed a known abortion doctor. Let me get this out, I am one intense pro-life person and seriously, what goes through someone’s head when it becomes okay (or helping society) to walk into a public place with a gun and start shooting.

No one has the right to take a life, no matter if that person is a hardened criminal or the person with opposing views. No one has that right.

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