Gourmet, I always forget the U

I love you Gourmet Magazine (I mean not as much as I love Bon Appetit and Cuisine at Home), but I love you nonetheless and I apologize for always spelling your name wrong.

My love for Gourmet magazine has grown with the new “all I read is foodie books and articles” mood that I’ve been in. And what was the one reason I used to ignore Gourmet, too many articles (I mean so much text). And now my Firefox browser window is full of tabs anf tabs of food articles. Tributes to all things good and wonderful. And when it comes down to it, reading Ruth Riechl’s book Garlic and Sapphires helped a lot too.

First article of the moment: The Gross Food Movement. A few months back the Bacon Explosion took the nation by storm, and I loved being on the early end of discovery. One friends BBQ love lead to me sending it to my friends and family, and next thing I knew the ridiculous thing was on every morning show imaginable. (Be prepared for the new bacon item: the Bacone). Needless to say, the popularity of the Bacon Explosion has helped to continue, and even develop, a never-ending cycle of gross food (generally deep fried and involving bacon) which is noted in the popularity of the blog “This is why you’re fat.” But needless to say the article tickled my funny bone, and my I want to deep-fry something bone. This is a problem.

**An After Originally Published Note: Baconnaise. Yes. It’s a Real Thing.


Second article: The Cookie Table. The fact that I always need to start these explainations with, “I swear I’m not that girl that has had my wedding planned out in my mind” is well, a problem. But a true problem so it’s fine. Apparently cookie tables are the up and coming wedding item. (Anyone else find the jump from bacon to cookies a tad odd? Moving on). Cookies are popular and were used when people couldn’t afford a wedding cake. I want a cookie table, the wedding cake is staying too. There is just something in my cookie baking personality that is like, all of my friends and family can contribute to this elaborate table of cookies and cake stands to hold the cookies. Why it’s more then a girl with a cookie and cake stand obsession can handle. (Let’s place that last line on the “why I’m single” list. Moving on). But as I heard about this concept about a month ago, I was really excited to see the story about it’s history and the cookie table potential, it made my “I’m not planning my wedding” day.

And I’d really like for someone to take one for the team and get married so I can plan a cookie table. Thanks.

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