The NYTimes Leads to List Making

I pride myself on many things:

  • The mass baking
  • Being on my 3rd job in 2 years
  • Never playing beer pong in college
  • Designing my dream kitchen (complete with color schemes and appliances)
  • Not being one of those girls that plans out her wedding at 18

That last statement is obviously the one that is stuck in my mind at the moment. I’m slowly defeating my own resolve, and I don’t even mean to do it.

Most recently it was the wonder of the cookie table. Who doesn’t love cookies, and the concept of a giant table of homemade cookies…well it’s just too much for this baking girl to imagine. Plus, I totally already am working through who would make what cookies/bars/brownies. And that, is also too much for this girl to imagine, the possibility of greatness is high.

Adding the cookie table to the “wedding I’m not planning” list, now means I’ve envisioned the cake (made by my wedding cake making mother), flowers (simple), dresses (peacock blue or a deep red), and a cookie table. Then today, JM (and the New York Times) threw a wrench in my “I don’t plan” lifestyle and how they did it:

Mini Burgers and Fries.

The NY Times ran an article about weddings and burgers. And they ran it in the dining section. You know, that section that we foodies all read. Yeah, the Times is trying to kill me and if not actually kill me, it’s definitely trying to take out my calm sanity. And it has, cause now…I want mini-burgers, french fries and an afterparty. Read to the end of the article for that last bit.

The difference between me and the article, I also want super cheap, except maybe those Christian Louboutins shoes that I obviously haven’t thought about.

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