serious tangent

Motto for today:

Je déteste des hommes dans la politique

Yeah, you saw that right. Today’s motto is in french. For all those who knew me in college you will know that I hate the french language with all the fire that is in me. And yet, it moments of absurd expressiveness, I find myself summarizing my thoughts in one line of french (often shocked that I remember vocab and conjugation).

Reasons behind my detesting of men in politics (which really is more men in power):

  • Governor Mark Sanford (R-SC)

    You are the Republican Governor of South Carolina. You are the head of the Republican Governors Association. You are a potential candidate for the 2012 Republican Nomination. And what the heck do you do…go off to Argentina, tell no one, and then come back and tell the world you had an affair. With a women you met eight years ago when having a conversation on how she shouldn’t leave her husband. Seriously, all I can say is Mark Sanford, you are an idiot.

    • Sen. John Ensign (R-NV)

    Let me start with a list of things not to do when a member of the Senate (or running for Senate): 1. Have money questions pertaining to your PAC, 2. Sleep with a member of your staff that isn’t your spouse. So thank you John Ensign for violating both of those points, and being a members of Promise Keepers while you did it. One word, you don’t even deserve a phase: Hypocrite.

    • WMATA/John Catoe, Washington Metro Transit Manager

    Well bless your little heart, a non-elected official. He was named the American Transportation Something or Other’s 2009 Outstanding Public Transportation Manager and oh heavens in the wake of the D.C. metro tragedy, I’m fairly convinced next year he may win the award for the best play of the blame game, or as I like to call it “How to pass the buck.” I’m pretty sure every statement made by WMATA (in the form of Catoe) is a blame passing good time. I mean things like:
    – It’s not our fault we couldn’t afford to get new trains
    – Apparently there wasn’t a signal error (or as of late, there wasn’t an operator error)
    – They couldn’t afford recorder boxes in the older cars
    – Wrong information wasn’t given to the Fire Dept who only showed up to the seen with one engine
    – They don’t get enough money, and it isn’t a dedicated budget (which is true and Congress is now scrambling on)
    To all of this I say, Cry me a river. We don’t care what isn’t wrong, and who isn’t in error…what we want to know is why and how they plan to fix it.

    And lastly and one that doesn’t fit with the annoying french motto of the day, but is just some pent up annoyance:

    • Jon and Kate +8

    I no longer have cable, a sad point since the new season of the Secret Life of the American Teenager just started. (Don’t mock, everyone has a vice and mine is trash teen tv). But with this new no tv life of mine, I have missed out on certain joys like the insane passive-aggressiveness that is the wonder of J&K+8. And like most of America, when I watch the show it’s cause of the kids. They are cute. They are precious. They are fantastic. Their parents are kinda nuts. Kate, bless her heart, comes off as a little over-zealous and controlling (I’m not going to say it’s fully true cause it’s semi-scripted reality tv, nothing is ever fully true). But needless to say, I always felt a little bad for Jon when Kate would yell at him. Until in this whole scandal a moment hit, for a guy who claims to be so bothered by the cameras always in his life, he sure hasn’t had a problem with the whole: no job and now money to apt hunt in NY. I mean seriously, if it bothers you so much…walk away from the show. Let Kate do a show about living as a single celebrity reality show mom with 8 kids. Oh wait, then you wouldn’t get paid from TLC. To this all I can say if: I feel for your children and hope that the grown-ups will act like grown-ups.


    And that is the end of my “the world is going to hell in a cheap knockoff handbag” rant. Have a great Wednesday.

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