Music Scores, and why I’m may move to LA

Music soothes my soul, let’s however stipulate that it is normally classical music that does so. I chalk it up to 14+ years of ballet (13 hard core years). When you dance you channel a seriously deep emotion, and add in the music and you’re a goner. Thus, I love give me a good instrumental and I’ll be as happy as a clam. But my real instrumental love:

Movie Scores.

I love them (well done ones of course). When done right, they can draw you in to a performance and can carry you along through the scope of emotions that a scene, or act or dance, is meant to inspire. My love go beyond the wonder of John Williams (Harry Potter, Indiana Jones, Star Wars, etc) and ventures into some unknown and some popular.

Little Woman, what Thomas Newman did with that score was amazing, because even though I was always prepared for Beth to die…it would cue in to “Beth’s Secret” and I knew that give it 20 mins and “Valley of the Shadow” would start and I’d be bawling. Hannah (the housekeeper) would be sprinkling rose petals over dolls and such, and there would go my tear ducts. It was sad, it was pathetic, it was wonderful. (He also did the Finding Nemo score, one word…awesome).

But my love affair with the movie scores really didn’t hit until Sense & Sensibility came on the scene. My lord, Patrick Doyle produced a light and airy Jane Austenesque score, but oh when hearts are breaking and fever is on the rise and Alan Rickman plays the concerned Colonel that in a distraught state demands a job to do…well the music can be descibed as aching. Patrick Doyle may be my first composer love, and no one ever forgets that list composer love. (That, and my aunt works with composers in LA and heaven only knows my sadness the day she was working with him and I was 3000 miles away)

From there the list goes on:

  • Michael Nyman, whose work from The Piano ended up in ballet classes I was in, and MGV: Musique à grande vitesse was the inspiration for the Ballet repetoire piece DGV: Danse à grande vitesse (which I saw Tuesday night, preformed by the Royal Ballet of London, one word: Amazing).
  • Harry Gregson-Williams, the composer of The Chronicles of Narnia. While not high up on my listen to the entire score list, it perfectly matches the mood and scene of both the first film and Prince Caspian. And moments when you are supposed to be concerned or worried, the music does it job in putting you on edge, but it can also draw you back in.
  • Howard Shore, The Lord of the Rings. No one can deny that the music wasn’t awesome, between a filming location like New Zealand, an awesome cast, and a great score this movie could do no wrong in my book.

Others to check out:

  • Danny Elfman, Mission Impossible, Men in Black, Spiderman, Charlotte’s Web
  • John Powell, Happy Feet, Bolt, Ice Age (all), The Bourne Identity
  • Klaus Badelt, The Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Hans Zimmer, Batman Begins, Gladiator, The Last Samurai
  • Michale Giacchino, Ratatouille, UP

Find them. Listen. Soothe your stressed out soul. It’s an amazing thing.

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