Camembert: a reason to love… New Yorkers??

Cheese. It may be the best six letter word in my vocabulary (and in case you all were wonder, I did have to count the letters). But pretty much I stand by the motto of “the more cheese the better.” This is why, when I randomly told the cheese sample lady at Wegman’s “no thanks,” I had to walk back and be like, I don’t know what I was think…”Yes. I want cheese. Now.”

And oh thank heavens I did, cause let me introduce you to this gem. It was featured as a regional (ahem the Hudson Vallery is not close, but whatevs).

It comes from the Old Chatham Sheepherding Company in the Hudson Valley, and needless to say…it was an amazing Camembert. It’s a mix of sheep’s milk and cow’s milk…no growth hormones given to the animals (which, makes my CA sensibilities happy) and in short…it was a perfect consistency, it was soft, it was an amazing flavor. I made it to my parents with 5lbs of Halloumi Cheese and one Hudson Valley Camembert Square. More on what I did with 5lbs of Halloumi later.


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