1 Realization + 2 More

1. Shallow Bowls for cereal are better when you don’t really like milk.

So I have a love/hate with milk. I mean it’s great, it makes wonderful things (read: ice cream), but it also can be disgusting to drink. I often find it too rich and when I actually am craving milk…it has to be skim. So needless to say, today I wanted cereal. I really wanted Apple Jacks or Raisin Bran (both may be sitting on my desk). But I’m also not going to buy a half gallon of milk. But the new one serving containers of Apple Jacks are sooo deep, that seriously I felt that I was going to need the whole pint of milk just to get a little on my spoon. Thus the decision, shallow bowls are better cause they use less milk (i think).

2. White Lily Flour = a pure Joy = Do Anything to Get it

So M is in Arkansas, and asked if I “wanted anything from the south.” I joke not when I say my response was White Lily Flour. I mean you can’t find it in this Northerner land that I live in. Now that being said, White Lily originated in Tennessee, I orginated in Southern California…I have no early childhood claims to it. But whoa does it produce a mighty good biscuit. So needless to say, there is a bag of All-Purpose, two bags of Self-Rising, and two bags of unbleached Bread Flour making it’s way back to me right now. Courtesy of M and her car.

3. This, may be everyone I know…

…or, maybe it’s just me.

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