I found a song that explains the last few weeks of life. It’s been exhauting, draining, emotional more then I needed. It’s been a time of introspection that I didn’t have time for, but then first thing that I remember is my timing isn’t God’s timing. Thus, there has been an attempt to not channel my struggles onto the blog.

Today was the day to take long walks, a lot of pictures and laugh a little in the process; and I got so much more then that.

The journey is seen above and below, lunch with one KAR and an afternoon with galleries and my camera.

The evening, summed up by a little song. From a relatively unknown singer/songwriter who gains inspiration not just from the famous musicians but from C.S. Lewis. I mean how was I not to love it.

I’ve got nothing left
I’ve given my best
And I know I can’t do this on my own
I’m torn between going after dreams
Or living with regret of letting go
I’m done with banging my head against the door
But can you peel me off this floor
Cuz I don’t know if I can get up again

What I want may not be what I need

Have I been let down?
Or am I learning now?
To trust in what I cannot see

But this is all of me

What I want may not be what I need
Just let it go…
What I want may not be what I need

— “What I Want,” Ryan Calhoun


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