i could be a….

I deferred my admission to graduate school. Plain and simple.

I apparently forgot to tell people, because lately I’ve been getting the “oh when are you starting classes” question. Needless to say it’s been oh so fun and awkward at the same time.

Now I can claim that this is what cause me to fall off the blogging map for about two weeks, but sadly that wasn’t it. Instead a healthy (okay, maybe not healthy) mix of self-loathing and obsessing did that. The obsessing part became my favorite as it was, wait for it, an obsession about weddings. Maybe it’s because I’ve been to two in the month of August, both so different but perfect and wonderful in their own rights and it started the brain ticking. I seriously am dying to plan a wedding.

*please que awkward silence as every boy I know runs aways from me.

But then a week into the obsessing, a revelation hit…it doesn’t need to be my wedding. And then I announced to the LP that I wanted to be a wedding planner.

Yeah sooo….a wedding planner. I seriously may have gone over the deep end with that one.

We’ll see what comes of this impulse moment.

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