running…leaping…oops, an edge

I am going crazy. Kinda like the Feral Ballerina.

It’s that simple and my coworker told me to seek professional help. (Let me tell you, there is never a moment as great as someone being like “you should talk to *insert name.” Said person, being the staff member that is trained in counseling. Awkward). But let’s just rethink the insanity of the week:

  • Inability to keep to a schedule…makes me a little nuts.
  • Despite 7+ hours of sleep tonight, I feel like I’m exhausted all the time
  • I dreamed of death. Not just death, I dream I lost all mobility (arms and legs) and someone was going to shoot me in the back…this may be what led to the you need help comment.
  • Last night, dreamed all my friends were having babies…which led to a restatement of the needing help line

It’s time to embrace the insanity…and the Pearls Before Swine Feral Ballerina within me.

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