Cheese, le sigh.

Halloumi Cheese is a gift from the gods. The greek gods, cause as my Greek grandfather would say…everything is bigger and better in Greek.

This was the pile of Halloumi cheese that we bought for appetizers for my brother’s graduation party. It is a combination of sheep’s milk and goat’s milk, and we all know that I am totally into the combo cheeses.

The cheese comes tightly wrapped with flicks of mint on it and can last for what feels like forever, otherwise known as a year in the freezer. Due to it’s high melting point it is known as grilling cheese and that was a challenge that I was up for testing. First step slicing the cheese and figuring out how to “grill” it without a grill. The panini press won that job (however, since then a second batch was done under the broiler with awesome results).

A little bit of olive oil, a little bit of lemon juice and some dried oregano and you are set. Serve with a tomato salad and pita and you are good to go.

One thought on “Cheese, le sigh.”

  1. I discovered halloumi a few years ago as I moved to Cyprus, never heard of it before. But straight away I fell in love with that delicious cheese that is so versatile and gives its special note to so many dishes. Very often we try new halloumi recipes and there is not one week since then, that we won’t have at least one meal with halloumi, not to speak about BBQs, where having halloumi is a must.

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