spare energy = blog change

So the state of anxiousness in my life needs to subside before I do something insanely ridiculous.

But with that said, I woke up this morning and had to channel it into something and it wasn’t going to be baking since I woke up about four minutes after I was supposed to be at work. So instead I ran around the house and made it to work 20 minutes late, still being the first one in though, one word = SAVE!

I then sat….and sat…and sat at my desk waiting for motivation to strike. While I waited I figured I would blog about the blueberry muffins I made on Tuesday night, expect I forgot to upload the pictures. Then I thought about the peach cobbler, except I’m still working on typing up the recipe on my laptop which is at home. One word for this moment = Fail.

This is when the real inner workings of my mind, I was staring at the blog and for about the millionth time realized how much I hated the header, like a lot. So I started tinkering with it and then it clicked, I really just hated the font. So with all of the anxious energy, I started tackling the process of creating a new banner…on my work computer…without photoshop. A few tries later we have what can be seen above…or right here:


I feel a little too proud of something so simple. But hey, if it got rid of some of that spare energy, I’m not going to knock it :)

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