So this may in fact be the only picture from my birthday (which was a couple of weeks ago), that I’m allowing to be online.

It was a long weekend and there were a lot of emotions, some of them not that positive but some of them fantastic. The above picture comes from the platter that I prepared for s’mores night in our backyard (after 3 hours of cleaning our house, but there is no lingering annoyance there) :)

Photos that the world is missing out on, but I get to enjoy on a regular basis:

  • H’s hair flipped over her face, I have no idea if she was drinking
  • Me on the floor…hugging a vodka bottle (I’ve been lonely, don’t judge)
  • A tractor of sorts
  • A Future lawyer, the cover of night, and that same tractor with a now open door

So many things that could have been captured, so many things that shouldn’t have ended up on film (or technically Compact Flash Card), and yet so may hysterical moments.

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