Night photos.

They are my current “I can so accomplish this” thing. Pretty much it goes like this, my point and shoot was horrible when it came to night pictures and it was like the success of a lifetime if one turned out. Now that my SLR camera entered my life, it’s totally a different story. Except for one problem, I have started to finally get shooting manually and shooting on manual in the dark is a whole nother beast. Like whoa.

So without further ado, four images that prove that me and night photography has a long, long, long way to go. The above picture was one good, out of about 20 bad. 1/20, now those are odds I can maintain.

No need to get your eyes checked, cause that my friend, is blurry times five hundred. We’ll see if this continues onward, or if I’l just go back to photographing food only.


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