trader jose.

I really enjoy napping.

Like I enjoy it more the the faux chicken picatta that is simmering in my kitchen (I say faux cause I bought the simmer sauce from the one and only Trader Joes). Which brings us to a topic change (yes, I’m hearing a sigh of relief that I’m not elaborating on the wonders of napping).

I love Trader Joes, like a lot. Some may even note that I would pick it over, say…napping. And so in the past couple of months I have recentered my life by switching from Safeway (shudder) to the awesomeness and familiarity of my childhood. So every Monday, I get out of bed and drive my little yuppie mom car across town to the oasis that is TJs. There I bask in the wonder of the familiar, and I plot how I can get a photo of the question answerer for the blog (imaging a person in a girl scout-esque sash that reads Answers while carrying a sign large enough to see over the tops of the aisles that is a giant hand pointing down and some witty TJs version of “a’hoy question answerer” written on it). Let me just tell you it’s awesome and the sash was the most recent addition.

But what I may love more then the quirks of the store, the awesome food that they feed me, and the fact that is all affordable…it’s the cashiers. I love love LOVE the Trader Joe’s employees. It’s like someone drugs them with a niceness potion before they go to work. I have, once in my life, come across a surly TJs crew mate and let me tell you it was so surprising that I called my mom and was like “I just met an unhappy Trader Joe’s worker!!” Her response, “Did you tell the Captain?!?” Yes, the TJs managers are called Captains.

Back to the employees. They are wonderfully nice and helpful, and did I mention nice. Really I think the best story to highlight this is to recall when Trader Joe’s moved into the district. I was excited, I was thrilled, and I was convinced that had they done this three years prior my college experience would have been better. But as I had talked it up to people, they went in with expectations. And one person came out a tad freaked out, why…because apparently the TJs cashier hit on her. Her reasoning went something like this, “yeah I liked it but when I went to pay the cashier was super friendly and chatty and I think he was hitting on me.” This is when I laughed and tried to gently break the news that she actually wasn’t special and all the crewmates were like this. But that is how great they are, in a sometimes creepy way they make you feel like they are their just for you, which for some reason I have come to love in my daily grocery store experience.

Cause I mean who can be unhappy when this is what greets you in the parking lot (I may have asked for one for Christmas):


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