Gender Differences

The words “well it’s kinda different for girls” left his mouth and I felt like the wind had been knocked out of my sails. What was different, well it’s quiet a bit but in this instant it was a conversation on…wait for it…relationships.

So here is how it all went down. I’m walking along with a friend and we are discussing the need to find a mutual friend a significant other. In the course of the conversation he’s like, “well you need to work harder to make something happen.” It’s at this point when I laugh and in a point blank manner respond with a simple, “if I can’t find anyone for myself, why in the world would you think I can find someone for someone else.” That my friend, is when the line was delivered so sufficiently and it went something like:

blah blah “well as a girl you don’t really have a lot of control over these things” blah blah blah blah

In the moment, I laughed it off and noted that I’m pretty sure I’ve said that exact thing before. However, in the immediately following moment and in the subsequent moments, it really more sucked then anything else.  And while, yes, it totally sucks for me, I’m thinking about the million other girls out their who are convinced something is wrong with them.  Those who have to answer questions that are like, “ooo, well why won’t you date _____?” Seriously people, seriously.

In a great follow up to the moment, someone else tried to convince me how mush he loved being married and how it’s great and how I shouldn’t be scared of such an idea. Thank heavens that moment passed when his wife was finally like “she doesn’t have an aversion to marriage, she just has to find the right guy.” Ummmm…maybe next time, we can leave that last part out.  :)

Somehow it was easier to handle the concept of gender discrepancies in relationship while in college when it was all about writing papers and not analyzing real life.

** Maybe tomorrow I’ll get back to pretty pictures of tarts and stews and cupcakes.


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