the whats.

This afternoon KB (the British friend) who went to school with me and still works for my alma mater gchat messaged me to see if I wanted to leave work early for a the first home basketball game of the season. (For those who don’t know and/or haven’t figured it out from not so subtle hints, my beloved school is the one and only Georgetown University).

So at 4 PM I was running out of my office to the opening game of the season, and whoa was it a nail-bitter. But before that, I get to the game, with about half of the first half remaining and I’m looking for KB, so a phone call happens where I’m going “I can’t see you” and she’s telling me to “keep walking down the stairs.” Apparently down the stairs to seats pretty much on the floor next to the team seats and behind the scorekeepers/ESPN commentators and workers. Let me tell you, I can never sit in real seats again.

Never have I been so close to a court. I may have at one point been like, this is what mom like when she got seats on the floor at the Staples Center, except she was at a Barbara Streisand concert (it may be a little different).

Needless to say I was pretty sure that I was close enough to reach out and touch the team. Actually I wasn’t that close, however, I was was close enough to watch JTIII look exasperated at his team and at the refs…and I was close enough to hear the most horrific calls ever, I mean I was fearing for the refs lives because I was pretty sure a riot was about to occur in the stands and on the court.

But in the end, my Hoyas pulled it together and while it was just pulling it together by one point I’m not going to knock that one point so as long as we won. One word…Amazing.

Hoya Saxa (for the win!).

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