This week has been like none other and I think it’s time for a bullet-pointed list of the fun


  • Realized how much I hate phrases that include: boys, pants, and boys trying to get in someone’s pants. It’s just kinda absurd, and not as fun as using the word debauchery (see: Wednesday)
  • Making it half way through NaBloMoPo without a major mishap


  • Threatened someone’s life under my breath, and it may have been written all over my face as well. Oh well.


  • Basketball. Floor Seats. Amazing.


  • Debauchery: It’s like my favorite word ever. And I wish it was either a less scandalous word, or I was a more scandalous person so I could use it more often. It’s also what I claimed to be doing when I skipped small group, debacherous activities.
  • Dinner with an awesome group of people. There was beer bread and there were mashed potatoes


  • Obsession with the song, Your Ex-Lover is Dead by Stars. Yep, disturbing title and great song and I blame SYTYCD for this.
  • Conversation about Norwegians and vikings
  • Trip down memory lane with Psalty the singing song book
  • Round-about and truly bizarre approval to date someone that I’m pretty sure wouldn’t ever date me (and hadn’t really crossed my mind anyways), hmmmm.
  • Gospel dance = Shimmy.
  • Line from Bones, “My therapist says I’m afraid to feel.” I don’t have this problem inwardly, just outwardly

Friday (in advance):

  • Costco adventure with my favorite co-worker
  • Movie outing with M and H.  So. Ex.Cited.

It’s going to be a bizarrely wonderful weekend.

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