those days.

It’s been a happy week. A good week. A week without the depression that has spent a year burrowing itself into my mind.  Then Friday hit and the range of emotions of the people around me caught me ill-prepared. In an effort to purge everything in my mind, not shocking…another list:

  • I can’t afford to refill a prescription in December, and my doctor doesn’t have samples (somehow this is what sent me into a teary state, for reasons I can’t comprehend)
  • Happy Roommates, and one with a date tonight
  • Overwhelmed co-worker who I’m pretty sure thinks everything out of my mouth is nuts
  • USAJobs = Bane of my life
  • Feeling helpless and unneeded (and most definitely undateable) :)

But we’re going to think happy thoughts to recall that life isn’t as bad as my brain currently thinks it is. Cause the next month is going to rock from a visit from the LP to dance performances, warm days in Cali for Xmas and just the sheer awesomeness of the holiday season. It’s going to be great.


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