a good moment.

There are these moments in life, when for a fraction of time everything falls into place.

There are these moments and they come in the oddest of place and with the strangest of people. But there comes a ripple in time when all of the chaos fades and peaces slips into play.

Sometimes it comes looking in the bathroom mirror; it’s a moment where I have let go of my plans, where I have released the control and yet it is when I feel that I have the most control over things. In an unexpected situation and in a random place for some reason everything made sense. The quirks, the hurts, the reactions, the facades. That the categories that I have been placed in that I rebel against, well, I played an active role of putting myself there. The plans, the decision not to cling to tightly to a specific time or place, the acceptance of being led and admitting to being wrong.

Letting go. Drawing a deep breath. Just say jump.

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