Dear Blogosphere-

The past five days was a little crazy, which isn’t to shocking when it involves a debate on how long to cook a turkey, a Greek great-aunt who is kinda like the grandmother on My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and discovering a trait that is loathable.

In addition to those things there were disco balls, sword-fighting, and a children’s book on Barak Obama that was thoughly mocked by all around.

Saturday included a jaunt into town and completely by accident, stumbling across the end of the farmer’s market and something else wonderful: TACOS!

In case people didn’t already realize this, I just way the heck excited about a taco, especially one that comes on a homemade CORN tortilla (none of this flour tortilla nonsense). It smelled wonderful and thus, there was a required tasting. While it wasn’t like the ones I grew up with, the taco was pretty awesome and a great continuation to a weekend of absurdity and gluttony.

Maybe more fun recap photos when I’m awake enough to actually look at them.

xoxo, Taco Girl

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