final day.

The final day of NaBloMoPo is today!

It’s been an insane month and as I read back on the last month I feel like I’m reading through an insane person’s rantings, either that or it’s great for my future memoirs. And with this I think about that memoir is going to rock, especially when I can bring up stories and thoughts that I could never write about for reasons that, well, I wouldn’t actually blog about.

And to wrap up the month….a montage of food photos from the last month:

Last but not least, there was a lemonade stand run by a little boy (who was about three) and his dad. It was the most adorable thing ever, and someone had given the little boy a one-million dollar bill and whoa was he proud of it. So needless to say, I needed to stop and take a picture of the darling lemonade stand on an amazing November day.


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