In high school I was a happy, peppy, never depressed person. A far cry from the deeply introspective person that I have become. But I remember in high school when someone said I had a twinkle in my eye, it sounded like something that would be in a novel and I loved it.

College came and while the peppy, quirky nature stayed the twinkle faded. It was a sad realization, and it made me feel a little like I had lost a part of me.

But this weekend brought a compliment that really made me feel a little more whole. And it started with the simple line,

You and your brother have the same eyes.

It made me laugh and question what in the world that means, because in my mind I think it refers to the giant bags under our eyes. But no, they were coined “smiley and wonderful.” And further explained as, your dad has large, super dark eyes…your mom has smaller eyes that sparkle and you and your brother have these large, dark eyes with a happy sparkle.”

Now the day I can get a boy to say something like that, well that is when we’ll know that I’ve made the big time.

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