Since the start of the new year, and the over 2 weeks since my last post, I have been thinking and contemplating that overly deep resolutions post. And every time there was a crazy moment to write about, something else would top it…and soon my brain was full and my ability to write was fading. So to jump start my mind and my thoughts, the current thoughts of my life in random order.

Graduate School: This has been the world’s largest struggle for me. Everyone else seems to know what they want with their big dreams and large plans of life. And every time I thought I had it figured out, something would come along and I’d realize how wrong I was, it became a problem. But then I was talking to the HD one day, who has always been an awesome educational compass for me, and in a moment of full honesty said that finding a job after grad school was going to be tough no matter what but wouldn’t it be so much better to work hard for something I loved. He, of course, was right.  So I mentally went back to my loves of history, government, and food to think through what I could do, and presented to me was the Master’s in Food Studies at NYU. If a love affair can be had with a graduate program from afar, this was that moment and despite my desire to not move, I began to realize I would do anything for this opportunity. So the cogs have been turning, timelines are being laid within my mind, and the processing of through all of the post-degree options make me fantastically giddy. To study food through the lens of history, sociology, anthropology, hands on cooking, business, trade, and environmental policies is pretty much a dream at the moment. And it’s something that I’m both hopeful for and excited to attempt to reach.

Life: In a moment to shock everyone who knows my hated of doctors, I have been forced into weekly contact with the medical profession. About a month ago I ran after my bus, injured my foot/leg, went to the doctor, hated the doctor, ignored the doctor and then went on vacation. It was awesome. But then I came back from LA and it still hurt. So piggybacking off an appointment I already had, I asked my orthopedic to check it out (for anyone in the D.C. area, I can refer you to a sports medicine focused doctor with a hot resident). ‘Lo and behold, my years of clutziness have come back to haunt me and a leg injury that should require a boot is in fact not getting a boot because years of knee damage won’t allow it. And thus I am now in physical therapy twice a week, contemplating why I’m allowing individuals to dig their fingers into my joint, tendons and muscles to get a reaction. Pretty much summed up, I whimpered…during PT…it was almost the most pathetic moment of my year thus far.

All in all…life is hysterical, it’s full of ups and downs, and I’m really never sure what is going on around me or what I’m really doing. But the start of the year has brought some easy decisions, some hard decisions, things I want desperately and things that I miss more then I ever knew I would, and well, it also has included just some fantastic comical moments.

Happy 2010!

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