30,000 Feet

So when life deals you an introspective hand, it’s hard to sometimes jot that all down for the internets to see. Instead, you wait for a happy day, when you can reemerge full of life and joy and all that jazz that comes with it.

Let’s be honest, I send a lot of time being annoyed with the state of being. But, annoyance doens’t stop the photo love affair that I’ve been have. So without further ado…a small sampling of what I’ve been holding out on since April



As we kick off the missed time in April, it is very clear that I have to start at the wedding of one Lauren Little, now Lauren Little Hofer, to her fantastic guy Ben. Since Lauren knows about my love for weddings, I got to consult on fun details for this one and be the voice of “it’s your wedding…pick what makes you happy” reason. It was great, but then I also had the joy of being her day of wedding coordinator, and well…her wedding cake maker. Amazing, is the only word to describe the feeling 30 mins before the wedding is starting as you are clad in jeans, a political messaging t-shirt, and about a pound of icing splattered all over my clothing and you know that you need to have a cake done and be upstairs in a flash. It was awesome…and I mean just cause I love the people, I also coordinated a birthday party that night. :)

The end of April brought three new things: a new job, a new 17-85mm camera lens and a weekend in NYC. We’ll let that speak for itself.

It doesn’t get much better then that.


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