I can read a cookbook cover to cover, pretty much the same way I could read Harry Potter. I love them. Though I do say, I generally only love the ones with lots of pictures. But I have collected some great ones over the years. So when I had the assignment to shoot “out of the box” I figured what better thing to shoot then my books (actually, in all honesty I though “gosh darn it, why is it raining? I’m in a bad mood. I want to go back to bed. My assignment is due tomorrow. What can I shoot…..fine, I’ll do cookbooks”). But we’ll just pretend I was really inspired from the beginning since I really liked the end results.



books featured
Good Eats, Alton Brown (amazon)
The Barefoot Contessa, Ian Garten (barefoot contessa)
A Platter of Figs, David Tanis (amazon)
Flour, Joanne Chang (flour bakery & cafe)
Sky High, Alice Huntsman & Peter Wynne (amazon)
Baked, Matt Lewis & Renato Poliafito (baked nyc)
Simply Organic, Jesse Ziff Cool (amazon)
Vefa’s Kitchen, Vefa Alexiadou (amazon)

cookbooks beloved (but not in the photo above)
The Blackberry Farm Cookbook, Sam Beall (blackberry farm, amazon)
Tartine, Elisabeth Prueitt & Chad Robertson (tartine bakery)
Tartine Bread, Chad Robertson (tartine bakery)

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