photo love // the beginning

PHoto credit: rosalie o’connor

As I was sitting at my desk the other day a gchat message popped up from my mom, who started talking about niche markets and photography and art. And it led me down memory lane as I began to think about when I knew I loved photography.

I’ve always loved cameras, but for me, photography and the arts were always linked together, and my first moment with the photo love began with Rosalie O’Connor. As a dancer with the American Ballet Theater, she had the rare opportunity to shoot some amazing behind the scenes photography. In addition, with her knowledge of the movements she also shot some amazing photos from the front of the house. It was when my love took hold, cause all I really wanted to be was Rosalie, dancing in the corp and shooting beautiful, emotional movements.

[Rosalie O’Connor, Portfolio (click portfolio and then dance)]


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