must have monday: stardial & dancing couple


If you don’t know uncommongoods, you are missing out on something truly fantastic. I have loved this company for a long while, andas if I didn’t love them enough already last year they they employed my good friend (and resume/cover letter proofer) Julia (hi julia!). She says smart things, and recently had her first guest blog post on Scoutie Girl devoted to dreaming big and selling wholesale. But enough on that.

I love their tableware (read: recycled windshield glasses), kitchenware, children’s ware…and the jewelry. And currently I want both pieces pictured above. I should take a poll on which one I should get, but to be honest, it’s just a question of which one will come home with my first (yes, yes…that’s what she said).

Get one of your very own: Stardial Necklace & Dancing Couple Spin-Off Necklace

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