from me. to dc. with love.


dear dc.

Last week was my eight year anniversary. Clearly this post is a little late, blame a nice East Coast earthquake and hurricane. I can’t believe this day has arrived, I can’t believe how much has changed since august 23, 2003.

Dear georgetown. Four years. Four beautiful, challanging years. It is crazy to think that come June we will have been parted for five years. It is even crazier to see how people’s lives have changed, grown, and developed since then. It is clearly no different for me. You tapped into my love of government, women’s history, and well, anything jewish. I emerged with the ability to speak about diaspora, coalition governments, and medieval sexuality. As one friend has said…it’s not quite your normal cocktail hour chatter…but it’s all mine. You also gave me people: the family built on R3, Ann, Kathleen, Stephanie, Heather, Amy, Katie, Michelle, Erin, Grace, Matt and so many more. You stretched me, you changed me. Thank you.

Four years later. Four jobs later. All bringing great things, also bringing things I would rather forget. But I can’t imagine life without the people and situations that came into my life. There has been life and loss, so much loss, there has been physical therapy and mental health therapy. Then there was a day, a day where I realized that government wasn’t my passion and embracing the beauty in society was, and what better way to contribute then through photography and planning pretty events. Four years ago I wouldn’t have guessed that I would have thought the way I do today.

Thank you for the past eight years. I cannot wait to see where it goes from here.


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