Sometimes life seems tough. It seems like no matter what you do, it will result in two words “epic fail.” And then you look up.

It’s Thursday.

In September.

It seems so crazy, but we are in the ninth month of the year. I am not sure how these months keep flying by, but they do…much to my increasing surprise every time I have to write the date down. A month and a half till 26 comes to live with me for a year, 4 months to kick my photographic tush into gear before I attempt to take the class of a life time, a month to sign up for a photoshop/illustrator class. Scarily enough, that is even less time to work on funding all of those things.

It is weird to think of “dreaming big and leaping,” but apparently that is what I’m doing. Type A, need to have it all together, me…

If it wasn’t apparent, I’m becoming a crazy person in my head. Sometimes I’m coming up with cutsey photography names (oh they are crazy) and other times, I’m contemplating why my boss is nuts, and all the rest of the time, I’m obsessively watching some USA network show (oh Suits, how you slay me). That’s me, Whitney Porter, the crazy girl.

So coming up with where to go from here:

~ Get information/put my deposit down for OLOL feet first session in Feb (in Vegas)

~ Sign up for classes with the New School (photoshop and illustrator basics may be what’s needed)

~ Think of a way to get the office to pay for the above two classes

~ Figure out how to pay for upgrading my camera equipment and be able to afford the self-assignments that I would like to shoot

~ Name the photography business (this is actually difficult)

~ Contemplate a letterpress class

~ Plot of branding ideas, clearly based upon coming up with a name

Just a couple of small things. I can totally have those accomplished by Christmas.

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