must have monday (a bit late): pinterest

Have you heard of pinterest? If you haven’t, well…you’re missing out (quite a bit). It is an online visual message board. You see a picture, you “pin in” to a category specific board, and then later when you are like…”hmmm, I remember something that looked x” volia! there it is. The above makes up just a wee bit of my style specific board, which is actually my most neglected board. The below is my favorite board, apart from the one with all my party planning idea.

Pretty much, all wonderful and all easily accessible.

Style Board:
1. Mini Poms,
2. Letterpress Necklace,
3. Kate Spade Winter Preview,
4. Kate Spade Bixby Bag,,default,pd.html
5. Bakers Necklace,

Poster Board:
1. Creative Life, unknown
2. Best People,×17-poster-print
3. French Fries,
4. California Love,
5. This One for You,
6. Lemons make Lemon Bars,

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