dear life. [a call to wake up]

“Where we settle is where we die.”

It is one line. It is one line that has stuck in my head since December 2006. It is one line that the rest of the world needs to hear. It is a line that our generation needs embrace and make their calling.

The world is a mess. There is no candy-coated way around that. Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican in this country, you can at least admit that things are out of control [in the name of full disclosure, I will say that I fall to the right of that spectrum]. We have become a political people focused on messaging. No matter what side of the aisle that you on, the new rule of thumb is blame the guy on the other side. We have the decency to look shocked and appalled at the wide-spread bullying in our school system, but we fail to note that a law won’t fix it when all Americans do is bully each other.

Bosses yell at lesser employees (heck they yell at each other too). Politicians yell for anyone to hear them. People argue. They fight. Lives are taken. Retribution can be death. Children in the womb aren’t babies, until a pregnant mother is killed…then…it’s a Baby! Compassion is dying. Fear is the new leader in business.

My heart breaks. My soul yearns. My self mourns.

When did we become so callous. When did we stop caring about our neighbor. Even worse, when did we stop caring about our friends and family.

Tonight I recounted a story to a friend. Yes. It’s a Bible story. But it’s one everyone needs to hear. My senior year of college I went to Urbana (which is an Intervarsity conference on missions held once every three years). The speaker was talking about how she had been challenged to speak on Gen. 12 at a conference. To gather some context she read the verses leading up to it. The eight verses leading to chapter 12 are the only eight verses that discuss Terah, the father of Abraham. The final part of those eight verses ends with the lines: “they set out…to go to Canaan. But when they came to Haran, they settled there. Terah lived 205 years, and he died in Haran.”

Where Terah settled was where he died. He was destined for so much more. He was destined for a beautiful land that one can normally only ever dream of. But instead of reaching for the dream, instead of saying yes to the full potential, he settled in the first comfortable place. And where he settled, is where he died.

Where have we settled? Personally. Societally. With our family. Friends. Co-workers. Neighbors. Those in need. Those with everything. What have we done to reach and achieve a land that we can only imagine.

Will we die where we have settled? Or will we pack up camp and keep moving toward positive growth. To being people that future generations will look back on and comment on with respect and gratitude.

How hard can it be?

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