must have monday: a trip to visit martha stewart

AHHHH. The time has for the joy and wonder of the Martha Stewart Show. Six segments. An hour taping. Crafts, Gardening, Cooking, etc….eekkkk, this is going to be amazing. Photos from the set tour will follow when I actually can plug in my camera.

Hello NYC. Martha taping in 2 hours. Almost time for #mscraftweek show!

Ready for #mscraftshow. With @stamp48 100% functional. Only @theMarthaShow could pull that off. #mscraftshow

2:15 PM: About to start! Joey the warm up guy has run around and handed out…boxes of pasta, yep…it’s def. pasta.

2:23 PM: Joey is back! Music is going! GIVEAWAYS!!!

2:30 PM: Martha is in the Greenhouse. That is not a code line. I promise. She’s really in the greenhouse

2:32 PM: Crafting segment! Blogger participating!

2:35 PM: Go Katie! Amazing Mommy/Craft-Blogger. Working with Martha on a Ladybug Craft/Wall Art Project. You can find her and all of her great ideas on

2:45 PM: Gardening. Guest Frances Palmer, re: growing dahlias. I need to listen to this segment intently. I need some serious green thumb tips, and maybe it’ll transfer over to my attempt to grow citrus indoors. The flowers are beautiful and wonderful. Tips for planting these beautiful plants will be on Martha Stewart and you can learn about the beautiful pottery online at Frances Palmer Pottery.

2:50 PM: Putting a garden to bed. I probably need a garden to know how to do that. But, Martha is showing me the way, and using great garden shoes while she does it!

3:00 PM: Garden Giveaways!!

3:01 PM: To the kitchen we go. Making kimchi with Marja Vongerichten, author of the Kimchi Chronicles.

3:09 PM: Don’t leave the fish sauce open in your house, says Martha. Just going to say, I think it would go poorly if you did.

3:20 PM: Smells like steak in the studio. Stomach growling.

3:30 PM: Martha was just asked what the most essential craft tool was. She listed about 40 items. Also, the best type of baking apple is one that is firm, tart and preferably red (sorry Granny Smith).

And with an ending, inspirational word from Martha, we are DONE!

All in all. Amazing. Fun recaps of the set to follow this week!

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