the sun peaks out

A lovely day in Charlottesville.

Looking forward.

Dreaming Big Dreams.

and then….

November is National Blogging Month. No, I’m not crazy, I know it’s not November. But I’m pre-planning for that time. It’s when I get my stuff back. It’s when I begin blogging daily (in an effort to get back on the wagon). And it’s when I get to decorate and nest in my new home! And some how, it feels like everything will fall together then.

All the back and forth, the doubt, the wonder, the….who really even knows, the question of will whatever it is all come together.

I have no idea what is going on with life. I know currently I: miss my stuff, want to nest, love spinning a three-year old around while singing along to “Miley Miley,” want something that doesn’t exist, need more then I know.

But the sun continues to peak out from behind the clouds.

A moment to be daring. A chance to believe that it can be better. A hope toward the future. And grace to deal with what I may not like in the moment.

Adventure is out there.


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