for the love of penguins

After sending this article to two friends, these are the reactions I got:

That is FB post worthy

No. That’s too cute. I can’t handle it…how can you pass up a good deed for a penguin

Pretty much, both are things I thought. But beyond that, how can you not help a penguin in need? Really, think about it.

Backstory (care of the etsy blog) goes something like this.

Oil Spill = Bad
Oil Spill in New Zealand = Really Bad
Oil Spill in New Zealand for Blue Penguins = Really, Really Bad

Knitting sweaters (penguin pjs) for sad penguins in NZ = Really Good!

That seems simple, yes? I agree.

So maybe take a moment or two and knit a sweater for a penguin, or do what I’m currently doing, which is imagining the look on my boss’ face when I say I can’t help with his meeting cause I’m busy knitting sweaters for sad penguins.

Maybe we’ll make this an after work project.

You can find out more information on the Etsy Blog

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