wedding wednesday: event styling

Once upon a time, people got married in a living room and the deed was done. But today, well let’s just say the wedding spirit is alive and well. The number of bridal blogs attest to that. With one of the biggest growing trends being event styling/design.

Because you want a party (wedding or otherwise) that reflects you. Banquet halls are fading and in their place is fields, historic homes and barns, to name a few options. And that is where an event designer comes in.

event styling

It is one of the many areas that I love to dabble in, and one that I’m thrilled to explore through parties and even a couple of event styling photo shoots. But more on that last bit later.

Biggest recommendation: if event planning is your passion, have fun….styling and design is wonderful. If it’s not, hire someone. You’ll be much happier on that day.

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