Musical Tuesday: the Sing Off

It is the start of NaBloPoMo (otherwise known as National Blog Posting Month). It’s crazy. It’s really just when all the crazy bloggers get together and conspire to overfill your RSS feeds/google readers. And (mwahaha), I love it.

So I’m starting out with a video.

Of the Sing-Off.

I love the Sing-Off. A cappella, be still my heart. (isn’t that always the case, love what you can’t do).

Moving on. There are some amazing groups on this season and I can’t really decide who I love the most. Pentatonix, from Arlington, TX…this week you tied with the wonderful all girls group, Delilah. And in case you all aren’t watchers of the show, I made sure to embed both videos for you.

You can thank me later. Or in the comment section. :)

The Sing-Off is on Monday Nights at 8PM on NBC

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