foodie friday: grass-fed beef

Sorry for the post delay, however, I am about to make up with it with the coolest thing ever for friends in the DC/VA area.

Meet Harvest Farms.

The fine establishment that brings you “grass-fed, grain-finished, no hormones, steroids, or antibiotic” beef…and they bring it to your doorstep. Run by a family that I have known since 2004 when my parents moved to Charlottesville, it is the perfect way to get beef without the prices of say, a high-end organic market in the area.

You can buy a 1/8th share of a cow which fits in a standard size freezer. The next share distribution will be available toward the end of November, you you have a little bit of time to make room in your freezer or to find a friend to share a share with. You won’t be unhappy that you did.

The contents of a 1/8th share are listed in the above pictures. More information can be found online at


2 thoughts on “foodie friday: grass-fed beef”

  1. Hi Whitney;
    We were wondering about the grass fed beef.Would it be good for us to order here in California. I guess what I am asking is do they ship cross country? I pray all is well with you and the family. Laurie

    1. Hey Laurie- I wish they did. But at the moment they don’t have the resources to do that. However, there is probably someone closer to you that does the same. I’ll see if I can find anything out for you!

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