another manic…sunday?

As I look back on this weekend, I can’t really figure out how it all got done. But I am super excited about this week (and some of the blog posts that will be the result of it.

  • Monday: I get to take my first ever Letterpress Class. I am so excited and I get to take it with Lauren, which makes it even more fun.
  • Tuesday: House Blessing! Which I am also super looking forward to.
  • Wednesday: Dance class. Always a bright spot in the middle of the week, and I only have three more classes left.
  • Thursday: Martha! Martha is coming to D.C. to give a lecture and I am going. Ticket paid for and everything.
  • Friday: I get the great joy of helping my friend Wendell with his CD release concert. If you are in the D.C. area, you must come. Not only is he awesome, but it’s also at the Atlas on H St, which I mean…think of all the great places you can go for dinner before, and the awesome bars you can frequent after.
  • Saturday: Ending the weekend with two family mini-shoots and a big pre-Thanksgiving dinner party.

All in a week’s work.

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