must have monday: 2012 plans.

2011 has been a year with a lot of think thinking, praying and exploring the future. 2012 is supposed to be the year of action. Problem, action costs a lot more than thinking does. And so the decision-making time draws nearer. A new camera is close to the top of this list, but after that…three choices:

alt. summit

feet first + blogshop

imaging USA

Alt Summit | Feet First + BlogShop | PPA’s Imaging USA

All three would be a dream, but really let’s be honest, that kind of time is only available for a girl without a job, and a girl without a job can’t actually afford to pay for those. But Alt Summit would take me to SLC, Utah in January (burr), Imaging USA would take me to New Orleans in January and Feet First would have me boarding a plane to Vegas in February. Add in a trip to Mexico with friends and I think I would have the best life in the world.

Sadly, I still have to come to work, so I guess it’s almost time to pick a winner.


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