wedding wednesday: styles & trends

This is the what greeted me on the front page of the huff post wedding section this morning.

vintage wedding

All I could really think of is, are they crazy. Yes, the vintage trend is in full-swing and yes, sometimes it could be “overdone.” But throwing the whole thing away for a “shift away from that nostalgic tradition to a more formal and sophisticated style. Say[ing] goodbye to those weathered fabrics and mason jar refreshments and hello to detailed French lace and lavish tufted furnishings,” well, it seems a bit presumptuous.

I mean call me crazy, but isn’t that just trading one type of vintage for another.

So here is what it comes down to in my mind, dear huffpost author. Many people do vintage in a way that means something specific to them, elements they have grown to love and it isn’t all suitcases on a dusty road [thanks for the awesome accompanying photos to the article]. Sometimes it’s weddings like this one featured on Green Wedding Shoes, which was billed as a “vintage” California wedding.

A wedding should be a special time, one that reflects the bride & groom’s personality and aids the ambiance that they are trying to achieve. If a low-key gathering of friends is what you are trying to achieve, replicating the Royal Wedding may not be what you’re looking for, an example of that being Lauren’s wedding that I coordinated in May.

So while the huffpost author may think that “Ralph Lauren and Alexander McQueen” have the ability to knock Anthropologie off it’s “wedding high horse,” I think that Anthro’s baby sister BHLDN could give them a run for their money (especially since, I don’t know about you, I sure couldn’t afford an AMcQueen dress or the wedding to match it). But that’s just me.

When all is said and done (as it is with all parties), throw the event that speaks of your personality that will also be open and welcoming to your friends and family. Vintage or Formal, Classic or Unique….just have fun with it.

photos care of Green Wedding Shoes and Red Shoes Photography

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