wedding wednesday: brunch, anyone?

This wedding caught my eye because of the awesome location, a great looking couple and well, a long table.

I stayed on it, because of the menu. Brunch food, anyone?

When I first saw it, I thought it was a brunch wedding (which is an amazing idea that Dawn talks about on a regular basis). But actually, it’s a breakfast for dinner wedding. I love the unique food ideas, and have plenty of other interesting event food posts in my head. But I’m curious…

…what is the most unique food that you’ve had at an event/wedding?

2 thoughts on “wedding wednesday: brunch, anyone?”

  1. What a beautiful wedding & a fantastic idea, I love it!
    Just this morning I ate chocolate cake for breakfast…not totally proud of that fact but when you have a baby sometimes you just have to eat what you can hold in one hand.

    1. Oh & in answer to you question…I would have to say a tofu curry at a 21st birthday party. It was actually a huge hit!

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