wedding wednesday: favors

Favors are pretty standard at two things: weddings and children’s parties. And generally you walk away thinking, wow I didn’t need *fill in the blank.* But what if favors were awesome and something you looked forward to (I’ve been pondering this with the 50th Bday Party Planning).

My friend Lauren (whose wedding I coordinated in May), gave away caramels from the Caramel Jar. Let’s just say, I may have swiped an extra or two.

When my aunt got married (way back when) every guest received a mini-pumpkin bread and a recipe card to go with it. A friend gave away home-brewed beer at her wedding this past April.

Recently, Southern Weddings Magazine has featured multiple “favor” spreads on their blog (some from Vol. 4) that gift such joys as…



barbecue sauce,

and sweet tea.

The options are endless, but if I can just point out one thing…they all are food related.

What are the best favors you have received, either at a wedding, event or favorite childhood party? Or, what are the best ones you have given?

5 thoughts on “wedding wednesday: favors”

  1. At my sister’s bridal shower, I gave away mini potted herbs. I must say, they were really cute, and you could pick which kind of herb you wanted. And/or there were boxes with some kind of chocolate in them….I can’t remember exactly what it was, but….it’s chocolate…it’s hard to go wrong with chocolate.

  2. I once got a cookie shaped like a woman in a dress for a bridal shower favor and loved it. So tasty! I totally agree that the best favors are the delicious ones.

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