Month: December 2011

foodie friday: brooklyn slate company

I have been waiting a pretty long time (read: a month) to regale the blog-world with my love of the Brooklyn Slate Company (instead of just little snippets). Also read: I had to wait that whole long month because well, you can’t talk about how great something is when you family reads the blog and you bought a cheeseboard form BSC for your aunt for Christmas. Long and complicated I know. I know it seems kinda nuts to be this excited about a thin slab of slate, but just imagine the endless possibilities in the land of “making one’s food pretty on the table for guests”…or we could just call it plating. And it comes in a great burlap bag, which, is pretty great for storage. Really, is there anything that doesn’t look awesome plated on a piece of slate. These Brooklyn Slate folks are on to something. To purchase your very own visit: Oh, and all the fun stuff: Photos care of the BSC website I am not affiliated with BSC nor do they even …

recap: day four in california

Day four went something like this…..”Josh, pleeeease take me to Venice.” Yes, I am ashamed to admit it, but I whined, because, well there was a cake stand calling me. But it was in Venice. Meet Bountiful. (I found the store care of a 100 Layer Cake pop up sale/blog post and need to visit them in person). There isn’t any official signage. But there is a telltale sign to know that you have found the right place. About a million and one cake stands stacked in the window. Josh was a bit nervous to walk in, heck, I was a bit nervous to walk around. One false move and a tower would fall on top of you and I’m pretty confident you wouldn’t be found for days. There are more than cake stands. Actually there was a $9200 set of chairs, but I wasn’t there for those. Though a super cute vase, that may have jumped into my hands, or something like that. A wonderful trip to the hipster beachy area. I may be …

recap: day one in california

The Getty Center. I am going to admit this now, in my 26 years (18 in CA), I had never been to the Getty Center. Actually, I had never been to the Walk of Fame until right before I left for college. So sad, but true. However, day one of vacation changed that. In honor of Mother Porter’s birthday, we loaded up into two cars, with two DSLRs and countless iPhone cameras and went to the Getty Center. The first 20 minutes was spent talking photos of each other, no comment. And then the next 30 minutes was spent taking photos of the gardens, let me just say the iPhone users with their Hipstamatic app…no comment. But eventually we made it inside. All in all, it was awesome. Great photo exhibits. Awesome architecture. Beautiful views of Los Angeles. Love. Oh, and my uncle’s favorite piece. No comment.