weekend in NYC: day 2 & 3

Hi ice skating. #weekendinnyc An evening with Sister Act. #weekendinnyc

Bergdorf, I love thee. Especially the windows. #weekendinnyc I'm being held against my will. With a beverage. #weekendinnyc

A good morning with a sparkling water. Don't judge :) Oh Christmas Tree! #weekendinnyc

Day 2 & 3 in NYC were amazing. Ice skating in central park. Almost seeing a proposal while ice skating in central park. Sister Act, the Musical. The windows of Bergdorf Goodman…I don’t think I can really express how amazing they were, expect to say I took a lot of photos. A true “Manhattan” restaurant experience. Brunch at Sarabeth’s and a Christmas tree spotting at 30 Rock.

But when it really comes down to it, my favorite part of the trip can be summed up in one photo, and it isn’t a penguin hat.

Saturday morning at Brooklyn Flea. #weekendinnyc

Brooklyn Flea.

Oh my gosh. All I can is that it was like my Etsy cart came to life. Between vendors I have read about on blogs (and pinterest), and newly discovered ones, I was in heaven. More about the vendors later, but for now all I can say if that if you live in the NYC area and have never been to Brooklyn Flea, it’s time to change that.

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