I am admitting up front that I am poaching text from the awesome people at the What If! Conference. But today the following came across my inbox and made me stop and ponder, so on this Thursday that feels like a Friday, I thought I would share.

There are so many deserving artist-preneurs, struggling to make their art into a thriving business. Too many unique voices are lost in the dreary day-to-day of making a living. Too many fade into sad obscurity, leaving the gift of their vision hidden from the world.

Even more artist-preneurs are living in fear – the fear of failure, the fear of success, the fear of stepping outside what is comfortable and into a risk. Too many have dreams + ideas and are afraid to give them voice, afraid to make a mistake.

And yet you know, as an artist-preneur yourself, how important risk is. You know how success comes with chance taking, and how creativity grows with a healthy mix of fear and dreaming.

You have dreamed.
You have risked.
You have failed.
You have soared.

To my artist-preneurs friends (and to my artist-preneur friends posing as non-artsy people…which is all the rest of you), 2012 is going to be our time to soar.

I can see it all now. Let’s do this.


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