foodie friday: brooklyn slate company

I have been waiting a pretty long time (read: a month) to regale the blog-world with my love of the Brooklyn Slate Company (instead of just little snippets). Also read: I had to wait that whole long month because well, you can’t talk about how great something is when you family reads the blog and you bought a cheeseboard form BSC for your aunt for Christmas.

Long and complicated I know.

I know it seems kinda nuts to be this excited about a thin slab of slate, but just imagine the endless possibilities in the land of “making one’s food pretty on the table for guests”…or we could just call it plating.

And it comes in a great burlap bag, which, is pretty great for storage.

Really, is there anything that doesn’t look awesome plated on a piece of slate. These Brooklyn Slate folks are on to something.

To purchase your very own visit:

Oh, and all the fun stuff:
Photos care of the BSC website
I am not affiliated with BSC nor do they even know who I am (but in case they were wondering, I am a girl that really really loves their product but can’t decided what to buy first. But I’m leaning toward the slate placemats)

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