whoa…it’s 2012

Today I had to go back to the office. I also have a pretty great case of seasonal allergy brain right now. (Seasonal allergies, you might ask. Yes, the strange east coast weather has led to blooms in January).

Moving past that.

It is the time to figure out the 2012 plan and as the awesome print above states I’m a bit busy having no idea what is going on.

But some of the ideas at the moment include things that start with…

This year I will:

  • buy a new camera. (leaning toward a Canon 7D)
  • can and jar things, which leads to…
  • make everything as homemade as possible
  • working on the weekly blog series, specifically wedding Wednesday and foodie Friday
  • develop whit & whimsy
  • find something to further my future
  • organize my photo library
  • craft a bit more
  • revive monthly brunch

and I’m sure much more. Here’s to 2012!

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