wedding wednesday: meet+cute films

I have  strong personal wedding opinions. I believe in first looks, I love small passed food, dessert tables are key, photography is a big deal and your videographer needs to be awesome.

Which brings us to today’s post. Meet+Cute Films.

The good videographers have an eye for detail, a great conceptual mind and, well, an ear for great musical pairing. Meet+Cute is rocking all of those elements. Which is why I especially love the video above.


back to the topic at hand. A little about them: “Meet+Cute is a full service film production company dedicated to bringing you beautiful stories through film.  We’ll share your love story, from the engagement to your first dance, design and shoot commercial content for your website or television…or produce just about any project you might have in mind with a playful, creative, and joyful aesthetic…and have fun doing it.

Based in Charlottesville, VA, the team is made up of Adam Clark (Director, Cinematographer, Camera Operator, Editor), Eric Kelley (Photographer, Associate, Camera Operator) and Lora Kelley (Business Manager, Stylist).

So if you are searching for an awesome team, contact them at meetcutefilms (at) 

Also, all the awesome media is c/o Meet+Cute & Eric Kelley Photography

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